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Her back is stretching and likes to stretch! Only one thing he does not like: doing nothing. Move! the path to more back health only leads to the overcoming of our inner pig dog. But it also works without major cuts or dramatic changes in habits. Rather, small changes in everyday habits are crucial and the best conditions for a long-lasting success. Each measure not only has a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes, but also serves a healthy back.

Things To Do To Better:

Following are some tips which helps a person in optimizing their back health; thereby making them more productive, emotionally balanced and mentally sharp

  • 1. Every Step Counts

The more we walk, the better for our backbone and our body, and the small footsteps can have a positive effect here. “10,000 steps per day is the optimal destination,” says Tanja Cordes from Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. (AGR) “However, those who do a lot of work and free time often do not even come halfway.” To get a better sense of how much we really go, a pedometer is a sensible investment. An alternative is a pedometer app for the smartphone. So we can quickly determine if we have fulfilled our daily target or not. A walk during the lunch break or in the evening after work can do wonders. Also, our cardiovascular system benefits from it, if you short distances, such as the way to the pharmacy around the corner or the way for small errands in the vicinity, done in the future on foot and not, as before by car. Because every step prevents a tense back muscles and ensures that the intervertebral discs remain elastic.

If due to any reason a person feels sleepy way before the bedtime, distract yourself by engaging in healthy exercises or activities such as dish washing; ironing clothes, reading a book or listening to music. Surrendering against the drowsiness may cause troubled sleep later at night.

  • 2. Less stress Watch and rate your eating and drinking habits exactly:

Stress not only pollutes our psyche, it also often has a physical effect. Especially those who are under pressure at work, imperceptibly cramp his neck muscles. The result is tensions that often persist even after work. Unfortunately, the job stress is often not easy to get rid of, but even small changes that can be integrated into your breaks also help here. So that the stress does not beat on the back and the health, one possibility is to integrate many small breaks in the everyday life. Get up in between, such as during a phone call, promotes blood circulation and concentration. The way to the trash can relaxes the back, as well as small stretching exercises at the desk. Whether in the office or at home — here should be paid in any case to an ergonomic workplace.

3. Healthy Eating:

More and more people feel uncomfortable in their skin due to being overweight. Unfortunately, most people have forgotten to eat well. Those who feel uncomfortable often feel depressed and this, in turn, affects our cardiovascular system and favors muscle-joint pain. If you want to be active here, you should change your diet and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, however, reduce the consumption of high-sugar and fatty foods or even completely abstain. For this purpose, the first measure is the visit of a corresponding cooking class. Especially the large German health insurers, such. AOK, GEK or Barmer offer such courses free of charge for their members. It is important, of course, that after completing such a cooking class, the tips of the nutrition expert in everyday life to take over and cook as much as possible and with fresh ingredients.

4. Prevention of back pain

Important, of course, is the right precaution to continue to be spared from back pain and tension. It should also be noted that under certain circumstances the muscle tension can lead to glued fascia. Fascia is the tissue that holds together our entire musculoskeletal system. To loosen up the muscles, improve the blood circulation and dissolve glued fascia, special massages and so-called fascia scooters have proven themselves. In addition, CERAGEM, a Korean company specializing in the holistic health of the body, offers a good alternative with its massage table Master V3. This acupressure thermal bed not only massages unwanted tension in the back, but also stimulates the meridians of the body through Moxa therapy. Anyone who gets massaged after the exercise program can prevent or relax tension and accelerate the regeneration of muscles and fascia.

.Quick Exercises against back pain

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bended 90 degree front leg and back leg hips strechted back, straight back.
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go on all 4
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straight youre back and your hips fully
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lay on the ground and bend the legs and the back

5. Adopt a Dynamic Lifestyle:

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Develop healthy habits such as engage yourself regularly in physical activities (such as sports or running)

  • Elevation of basal metabolic rate.
  • Amplification of body temperature.
  • Regulation of endocrine hormones.

6. Short and sweet :

Most use the turn of the year to put their good intentions into action. In addition to a healthier diet and more exercise less stress is among the classic goals for the New Year. However, the motivation does not last long and the old habits sneak in again. The Korean company CERAGEM offers a good opportunity to do something for a healthy back. With its thermal acupressure massage table, it has been proven to relax and strengthen the back muscles, which benefits the entire immune and muscle system.

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Other helpful strategies include:

  • Allow yourself to take breaks when required.
  • Pay attention to your back position
  • Certain relaxing techniques are beneficial for sleep strugglers. This includes, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation (first tense all muscles tightly then relax completely) and visualizing a restful and peaceful place. Practice these techniques also the 3 exercises above.

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